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Seccco is a brand that creates and develops high quality products which reflect a practical lifestyle where simplicity, technology and good taste are key characteristics. Our lead product is the incredible microfiber towel, which comes in 3 sizes ( Small, Medium and Large ) and a variety of bright and intense colors.

We want to revolutionize daily life linked with leisure Indoor and Outdoor activities by offering the best products possible in order to maximize the pleasure of any activity. Seccco has no limits! Seccco is intended for general family use and the free, practical athletic and young spirited people.


This fantastic man-made fiber is approximately the same size as a human hair. In order to make a microfiber cloth is made when bundles of these minute fibers are spun into yard or thread which is then used to make a knitted sheet. The tiny microfiber bundles are split into even smaller single fibers which are about 1% of the size of a human hair. To ensure that the microfiber towel or cloth doesn’t crumble to pieces, a combination of carefully selected chemicals, heat and agitation is used in the fiber splitting procedure. So despite the fact that microfiber seems more delicate than other materials, it is in fact more resilient and make the fiber more absorbent than cotton fibers.


Our company has taken all the technological qualities of microfiber and combined them in a highly effective product giving our customers an innovative product. The effectiveness of our product is summarized in three simple conditions.


Our products has been properly identified with an hologram sticker which proves to be an original product manufactured by our company. Meeting high quality processes of our brand, if your towel’s packaging does not have the original product hologram you may be using a Seccco copy product.

 We have the original hologram for quality assurance

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